A Full-Service
Pest Control Company

At Peterson Pest Control, we are happy to solve a one-time pest control issue, but we take our services to the next level. When you choose us, we will partner with you and find the best option to keep your home or business pest free today and for years to come.

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Full-Service Schedule
Because of seasonal and year-round invaders, as well as the reproduction lifecycles of pests, a continual maintenance program is needed. Peterson Pest Control developed the most effective year-round schedule to protect your home and family from these invaders.

The First Treatment
Our certified technicians will take the time to inspect your home or business and consult with you on your customized treatment. Each pest control issue comes with a unique set of circumstances and our approach is to provide services tailored for your needs.

The Follow-Up Service
In some instances the egg, larvae, and pupa stage of insects are impervious to pest control. We will follow up with you 30 days after your initial treatment to ensure the problem has been solved.

Continued Maintenance Treatments
Peterson Pest Control recommends that you continue to protect your home with a regular schedule of treatments to keep pests from re-infesting your home, we need to return every 2 to 4 months to rejuvenate the protective barrier around your home.

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Free Extra Services
Some pests can prove to be quite stubborn. If this happens to you, simply give us a call. We will gladly return for free until we resolve your concerns to your satisfaction.

Money Back Guarantee
Our service is backed by the best guarantee in the business. If we do not provide a service to your level of satisfaction, we will promptly return for free until you are satisfied. If the problem persists, we will refund half your last service payment.

Discrete Services
When you choose Peterson Pest Control, we promise to make our services discrete. When we arrive for your scheduled appointment, we won't show up in a flashy truck advertising your pest control issue. We won't post annoying signs in your yard or try to advertise our services to your neighbors. Our best form of advertising is providing the highest-level of service, and letting our brand grow by word-of-mouth by our happy customers like yourself.

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